Loves social energy!

Elegant, intelligent and adventurous.

The life of the party!

Our Women’s Portrait Line, “Beautiful,” has been well-received.  Sessions like these force us to stretch our creative boundaries.  We spend a great deal of time talking with the women about what they find unique and beautiful within themselves and how they’d like to be portrayed.  Then the fun begins!

Our session with LT was so much fun!  LT has such a delightful personality and contagious laughter.  She was up for anything; even getting on the roof of her building for this spectacular view of the city!

What I enjoy about the black and white image is that there is such a visual contrast between the dark alley and her beautiful dress.  She expresses her beauty through the look of power and determination.  “Urban Chic” seemed to capture it all.

Black and White images rely solely on composition and emotion.  A good “picture” shows what a person looks like.  A great women’s portrait unveils not only her outer beauty, but more importantly her inner beauty, strength and character.

The goal of this project is to unveil a woman’s beauty and to honor it through fine portraiture.   We want the women involved in our project to feel confident and proud to share the images with those they love.  It is these people who truly know them and see that inner beauty.

There are many sides to all of us.  My challenge during these portrait sessions is to not only share a few of these exquisite moments from our time together.  Also, find a way to break the creative box that we as photographers find ourselves in once in a while, and allow the session to take on a whole new dimension from where it started.

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