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Light painting is a unique and highly complex method of photography that uses ordinary lights, such as flashlights and light wands to make a series of images of a subject from the same vantage point. The resulting exposures are merged and blended into a single photograph that highlights the subject in such a way not possible through any other photography style or technique.

Kirk is one of just a very few photographers to have perfected the art form of light painting.

Virtually anything that has three dimensions can be painted with light. A light painted image makes a stunning piece of art that will be appreciated for generations.

What makes the most compelling artwork is one that tells a story.

If you’re interested in commissioning Kirk to create a light painting for you, please call the studio at 651-730-7533, to schedule a time to chat with Kirk about your ideas.

When you meet with Kirk he will find out what you are looking for and begin the planning of the photo shoot. If you have a special place or theme in mind, he will schedule a time to come to the sire with you to determine the setup, lighting and the best time to do the photography. The photo shoot fee is due at this time.




What steps are involved?

You will meet with Kirk initially to discuss your ideas and plan the photo shoot in detail. During this appointment, you will be discussing location and subject matter. The location may have to be scouted to find the correct view point for the image.  The photo shoot will be scheduled and creation fees will be paid at this time.

How long does the photo shoot take?

Depending on the complexity of the subject, most sessions will take between 1 and 3 hours.

How much does it cost to do a light painting?

Every light painting is different. Therefore, the time and expense needed to complete the process is determined by the complexity of the project. Basic studio projects start at $500, while on-location photo shoots that require travel, scouting and preplanning will be more. The light painting fee is independent of any printed images you order.

Promotional Portfolio Pricing

During the first two weeks of July 2016, I am working on building my light painting portfolio.  The first five people to contact me and schedule a photo shoot will receive a $500 discount off your light painting fee.  Contact me through my personal email: